What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

We are more than happy shooting in the rain – we have so many ideas to make the most of it! Think drama, mist, quirky, colourful brollies or wellies and emotion! Of course, we can also have a Plan B – so it’s whatever you feel comfortable with on the day. Remember whatever the weather – it is still your wedding day!

What if I don’t like my photograph being taken?

We have a fun and relaxed approach and are confident of capturing you at your best which helps to put you at ease and enjoy the photography. There is a big difference between having your photo taken by us as professionals as opposed to what you might have experienced with photos taken by family or friends. We offer a casual engagement style shoot within our main wedding packages which helps you to familiarise yourself with the way we work and reassures you in the process. It’s also a great way to know each other better!

Do you use good quality photography equipment?

Yes. We upgrade our photography and post production equipment regularly to ensure it is always state-of-the-art. We use the Canon EOS professional DSLR camera bodies. These are complimented with a professional suite of Canon and Sigma lenses.

What will you do if your camera breaks on the day?

Use another one! We have at least two cameras each and back up lenses on the day.

What do you wear on the day?

Comfortable shoes! We both wear smart dark clothes on the day. This means that we are both fairly inconspicuous and you and your guests quickly become at ease with our presence to enable us to shoot many natural, candid photographs.

What happens should you fall sick on my day or otherwise be unavailable?

Being a Husband & Wife team this is where we have a huge advantage over the single photographer. If one of us was ill, the other would take the lead photographer role on the day with the other taking a lesser role or not attending, but this is very rare. The chances of us being ill are equal to the chances of the bride or groom being taken ill. We all do our best to avoid this risk.

Do we need to supply a meal on the day of the wedding?

Yes please, a simple hot meal and soft drinks on the day will help us keep our energy levels up and us hydrated!

Can we have some of our photographs in black and white?

Of course, all pictures are taken in colour and you also receive copies in black & white. Selective colour may be used where appropriate in which case this will be given as a third version.

How long does it take to get our pictures back after the wedding?

Please allow up to 6 weeks following your wedding day for your photos.

Can we print our photographs & what about copyright?

Of course! We include printing rights as part of all of our packages. We have never believed in charging extra for this service! This means you can print as large as you like onto whatever medium you like. You are also free to make copies for family or friends as you so wish.

Why are your prices so reasonable?

We believe in offering the best quality at a fair price, working from our home office means lower overheads for us so can keep our prices very competitive without sacrificing quality or service. In addition we don’t believe in charging extra for copyright of your images, etc. but that’s our personal preference.

Can you make us a better quote?

Please don’t ask. Apart from the fact that we don’t discount our work, it would not be fair to our other clients.

Do you have the relevant insurances as a wedding photographer?

Yes we are both covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances. We also have equipment insurance.

Why should we choose you over any other professional photographer?

Choosing your photographer is a very personal choice and one that must be made carefully. We find most couples choose us because they like us and get on well with us when we meet to discuss their wedding. We are very organised, well presented and professional in our approach and believe good planning is the key along with photographic talent to ensuring we get the images you desire from your wedding day. We are also very good at listening to our customers to understand what you want (or don’t want) from your photographs.

One more little thing that makes us unique and invaluable is that we carry our (now infamous!) ‘bat-belts’! We have been known to be on hand with a sewing kit for minor adjustments, scissors for lose threads or a Kalm’s tablet for last minute nerves. We can also fit a veil or lace up a corset dress if needed! Because of our experience we know that these little things can help your day run smoothly so if we can help, we will.

 Could we meet in person?

Yes, we would love to.  With so many things to discuss about your day and with our experience of the industry feel free to ask advice too. We don’t have a ‘hard sell’ attitude and the meeting is friendly and informal and with no obligation, in fact we advise that you meet several other photographers to be sure of your final decision once you make it.