How We Work

Before The Wedding

We alway work closely with bride and groom before the wedding, talking as often as is necessary. We are experienced wedding photographers so we can help and advise, and will assess all venues for light and composition qualities beforehand. We always like to meet for a pre-wedding consultation at your venue ahead of the day to run through the final details with you and scout out the best areas for any formals shots you may wish to have and of course your ‘couple shots’.

The Wedding Day

Being a photography duo gives us greater flexibility in the photographs that we are able to capture on your wedding day. We are able to cover multiple angles and perspectives aswell as capture those all important candid shots of you and your guests.

Everything we do on the day is inspired by the Bride and Groom and their particular requests, as no two weddings are the same. Usually, Lisa begins with the Bride as she is getting ready, capturing details like the veil, shoes, dress etc. Meanwhile, Ady is covering the Groom getting ready capturing details such as the rings, tying his cravat or reading through his speech notes; or indeed capturing the the fun and laughter with the Groomsmen at the pub!

We liaise closely with the registrar or minister regarding photography during the wedding ceremony, time restraints and any restrictions, etc. After the ceremony we may then take your formal group shots and work with the help of your best man to gather your guests in order to work through your list as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here, Lisa is lead photographer taking the formal shots whilst Ady arranges the groups and takes candids of people laughing and chatting.

Ahead of the wedding breakfast we like to take the Bride and Groom off for a brief period for some more relaxed and intimate shots, away from their guests. We then blend back into the background and continue capturing guests enjoying the day and any further specific shots or requests, etc. However, it cannot be emphasised enough that there is no definite order. Every wedding day is individual and is always treated as such.

Post Production

During a wedding we will normally take upwards of 1500 digital photos. We work 100% digitally, which gives us the opportunity to work on the photos to a greater extent after they have been taken. In this post production period Lisa will take out any duplicate shots, unflattering angles or ‘shut eye’ images. The remaining images will be individually retouched by hand for colour correction, tone and vitality.

The Final Product

The collection of  300+ photos are usually ready within 4-6 weeks. They are presented on disc as high resolution files which can be printed or copied by the Bride and Groom. If you have chosen to have an album we then ask you to make your selection and once your list of choices have been received we will design and have your album printed for you.